• Transferring RDS Data Between Containers on Different AWS Stacks

    Quick bunch of notes on moving data between container on AWS using RDS. Here we have 2 stacks, each with a container sitting on an EC2 instance. The container is running a simple rails application connected to RDS specified in the DB_HOST environment variable. There are other shortcut ways to do this but this is the ‘pretty straightforward’ way 🙂

  • Introduction to Cloudwatch

    Some slides from an investigation into migrating to using Amazons Cloudwatch. Quick summary, Create metrics on Cloudwatch logging streams and alert on them, eg, number of 500’s in a minute You get basic free metrics from AWS, custom metrics are pretty easy to setup You have access to plenty of AWS specific metrics and triggers They are well integrated with other AWS stuff so you can do more advanced Lamda processing But, is it enough to moving away from your custom ELK/graphite type stack?