• Hierarchy Formation in Flat Organisations

    The natural and unmanaged formation of groups and sub-cultures in companies, as in broader society, is a well-established human behaviour, leading to many social and intellectual benefits. The diffusion and generation of information and ideas with other people, and connecting those that share an interest or view.

  • Big Bang Agile Delivery

    What does it mean to deliver a service? Where does it’s value live? And, even if we know the answers, what do we actually practice in real life?

  • Triage for Incident Response

    One of the main pressures around response to incidents is simply being overwhelmed with tasks, the outcome of so many demands and so much context-switching can easily be chaos, or poor quality quick-fixes. As with all real-time response, the key thing is to take a step-back, and triage the incoming requests as they arrive, prioritising those we need to deal with first, and deferring those that we can tackle later.

  • Modern DevOps

    Opinionated mantra though it is, I believe that the improvements brought by automation, cloud architectures, and intelligent processing of the resultant data streams mean that new opportunities are available to benefit peoples lives through access to knowledge and services.