• Agent Self-Organisation in the Cloud

    In the field of modern cloud operations, multiple services continuously run on many different platforms, across a broad spectrum or hardware, network, and software environments. Broadly, they can be briefly summarised as having the following properties,

  • Continuous Load for Live Services

    Just as you start off on a Monday morning, at 9:01am, there’s a page, that crucial, heavily used site is broken, users are blocked from working and frustrated. What went wrong?

  • Modern DevOps

    Opinionated mantra though it is, I believe that the improvements brought by automation, cloud architectures, and intelligent processing of the resultant data streams mean that new opportunities are available to benefit peoples lives through access to knowledge and services.

  • The Psychology of Continuous Integration

    Operations people, we love to automate. In the case of continuous integration we want to be able to deploy to production, every day, multiple times a day. Our commits trigger building, testing and deploying through a pipeline untouched by human hands. Or, so the theory goes…