• Evolving Relationships

    Commercial businesses and governmental departments can be some of the largest and most diverse organisations in any county. No matter the strengths of its internal capability there can never be enough expertise and enough flexibility in staffing to cover all its activities and transformational projects. This is where the benefits of external suppliers and collaborations can come in.

  • Rolling instance cycling with elasticsearch

    An easy way to cycle EC2 instances where we have an elasticsearch cluster running. As an example target we have,

    • Two instances i-11111111 and i-22222222, both running elastic search as a cluster with replicas set to 2, so that each has a replica of the others primary indices.
    • Add one to the auto-scaling group, increasing desired to 3
    • Wait for new instance i-333333 to join the cluster
  • Hierarchy Formation in Flat Organisations

    The natural and unmanaged formation of groups and sub-cultures in companies, as in broader society, is a well-established human behaviour, leading to many social and intellectual benefits. The diffusion and generation of information and ideas with other people, and connecting those that share an interest or view.

  • Big Bang Agile Delivery

    What does it mean to deliver a service? Where does it’s value live? And, even if we know the answers, what do we actually practice in real life?

  • SaltStack – The Problem Bucket

    This is the home of the various salt stack errors and quirks that I come across, just a nice little bucket of frustrations so that I have a quick reference page that is not based on human memory 🙂

  • Agent Self-Organisation in the Cloud

    In the field of modern cloud operations, multiple services continuously run on many different platforms, across a broad spectrum or hardware, network, and software environments. Broadly, they can be briefly summarised as having the following properties,

  • Beats Metrics Play

    Currently I’m using the logging setup of Beaver shipping logs into an ELK stack, and metrics with collectd shipping metrics into a Graphite stack. Now that Elastic have Beats that do both logging and metrics, its worth exploring further.

  • Continuous Load for Live Services

    Just as you start off on a Monday morning, at 9:01am, there’s a page, that crucial, heavily used site is broken, users are blocked from working and frustrated. What went wrong?